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2022 Update

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

After 2 years of inactivity due to the COVID global pandemic, The Lennox Lewis League of Champions Foundation is returning to host its sixth annual Summer Camp Initiative in Hanover, Jamaica. We are eager to resume summer activities as we appreciate the value and impact investing in the success of our youth has on the development of a community and a nation.

This summer from July 4 -8 th and July 25 th -31, the Lennox Lewis League of Champions Foundation (LOCF) will be hosting two 100% free weeklong youth development outreach summer camps in Hanover, Jamaica. Our camps are geared towards engaging youth from underserved communities with limited access to recreational activities during breaks from school. We aim to provide well designed youth programming to children with summer inequalities in their access to opportunities that enrich and develop their athletic talents and social experience with new environments and people.

We are returning with our Youth Boxing Camp and launching our inaugural Discovery Camp! Discovery camp is for children 8-12 years and will feature activities such as art & crafts, dance, painting, and sports introduction. The attendees will focus on conflict resolution, communication, teamwork, goal planning and attainment and the discipline necessary to achieve their goals. All while having fun and creating lifelong friendships.

We are glad to be back! Join us and let’s make a difference together! #Boxingwithpurpose

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