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How children and youth spend their leisure time plays a key role in their behavioral learning process. Leisure is essential to a child’s well-being and affects their developmental trajectory in dealing with social relationships.

In underserved communities, the leisure time for youth, especially after school hours and the summer break period becomes idle, free time with limited to no activity. Children from these communities typically do not have access to after school activities that help to develop their self-efficacy and keep them physically and psychologically safe.

LOCF Summer Camps changes idle time to focused, productive and fun times for youth. LOCF Summer Camps are designed to be implemented in a variety of settings in any country. Approved and desirable settings include Universities, High schools, boxing gyms and community centers. A combination of fun and learning, LOCF Summer Camps are staffed 100% by volunteers including trained social intervention professionals and LOCF Pro boxers, who direct the boxing program.

Sports participation when used properly can reduce crime, juvenile delinquency and gang participation and provide the opportunity for adolescents to develop and grow to become fully functioning adults (Weinstein, Fuller, Mulrooney, & Koch 2014).

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