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Summer Camps


  • Discovery Camp (8-12 years) An arts & crafts, dance and self expression camp with a focus on improving self confidence, social and public speaking skills. Deadline: June 16th

  • Boxing Camp (8-12, 13-18 years) An Introductory program on the fundamentals of boxing and adapting to daily life. Deadline: July 8th.

  • Intermediate Boxing Camp (13-18 years) A week long intense boxing and life skills summer camp. Deadline: July 1st.

  • SleepAway Boxing Camp (15-18 years) Advance boxing and life skills. deadline: June 16th

  • Sports Camp ( 13-18) A variety of recreational sports activities includes, soccer, track and field and basketball. Deadline: June 23rd 

LOCF MOBILE Boxing Camps
  • We bring the Boxing-gym and TEAM LOCF to you! Team LOCF Mobile travels to the designated community or country to create the LOCF boxing atmosphere necessary to run the weeklong summer boxing and life skill program.

LOCF Pro Development Camps
  • These camps offer intensive technical development for amateur and professional boxers. The program is run by Team Undisputed, the personal team of former Olympians, active professional boxers, world champions and other professionals who worked with The Undisputed World Champion, Lennox Lewis during his career.

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