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March Camp

Are you ready to be a champion? Spend March Break with Lennox Lewis and his League of Champions Coaches. No prior boxing experience needed.

“Every child that comes to camo is not going to be a professional boxer but every child that comes to boxing camp must learn different skills that will help them become a champion in their own life”

- Lennox Lewis, CM, CBE

Our campers may come to learn to vos or improve their boxing but they also learn to box or improve their boxing but they also learn tangible life-skills that help them to resolve conflicts and improve their critical and communication skills. Information that they can use daily and even discuss with you!

JTI Boxing and The League of Champions Foundation are partnering up the march break for a camp with the theme of Resilience focusing on ensuring that the kids leave camp with information that helps them to positively interact and deal with their surroundings.

Proceeds will go to the League of Champions Foundation. Learn more about the League if Champions at

Spaces are limited to only 40 per group age.

Sign up at: Or click the link in bio.

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