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Free & Accessible Youth, Summer Boxing Camp



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Knights in the Ring Initiatives


Knights in the ring is LOCF's global youth boxing & sport program that fuses boxing with life skills sessions to improve the following:

  •  Conflict Resolution Skills

  •  Critical Thinking Skills

  •  Communication Skills (Listening, speaking)

  •  Nutrition & Physical health

  •  Career & Academic Preparedness

  •  Character Development - discipline, focus, self-confidence, and esteem​

Through the Knights in the Ring Initiative, LOCF offers a direct solution to the global problem of at-risk youth not having ACCESS to after-school activities and summer programs for safety and learning during the times that they are most vulnerable to victimization


Our Mission

Inspire the "Next Generation of Youth Champions" to strive for excellence in the ring of life by nurturing their physical and mental abilities. So that they may develop a high level of discipline, academic prowess, self esteem and confidence through the world of boxing.


Our future generations…

I am driven to give young people the same opportunities I had growing up due to the generosity of strangers that helped guide me. I am here today a product of generosity, and this is why it is important for me to give back.

~ Lennox Lewis, CM, CBE


The Boxing program and training is curated and designed by Lennox Lewis training system and the team adheres to the method. An illustrious, world class, expert boxing team and dedicated team of professionals with defined roles and responsibilities executes our programs. 


- Dr. Lennox Lewis and Mrs. Violet Lewis 

News & Updates!

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